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Welcome.  I am Laura May Watts, a Marriage and Family Therapy Associate based in Portland, Oregon.  I have lived in this area my whole life and feel deeply connected to the variety of sights, natural elements, music, parks, and people.  I graduated with a M.A. from Lewis and Clark in 2011.  I am married and have a large blended family.

As a therapist, I like to meet you where you are and go from there. I like to offer a warm, gentle, safe, and encouraging environment.  I am open and accepting of all abilities, genders, faiths, races, ages, sexes, and sexual orientations.  I strive to open up pathways of self discovery and self love.  Together we can look at daily and societal pressures and stresses that are impacting your life.  We can find ways to align with your passions and create boundaries for people and places that drain you of your energy.

For parents:  smoothing out friction by learning what your child may be communicating in challenging behaviors and finding more fun ways of meeting their needs.  More smiles all around.

For couples: validating, supporting, loving, expressing, sharing, and letting go

For families:  unique dynamics between each member and collectively.  coming together mindfully to want to function healthier as a whole is an amazing place to begin with!


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